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Unlike other companies that only sell on the internet, ELV Motors has a store and full service shop located in the heart of Silicon Valley. We carry and service the largest selection of major brand electric bicycles in Northern California.

ELV Motors offers discount prices for service of electric bicycles purchased here. We also offer assembly and service for electric bicycles and scooters purchased elsewhere.

Many electric bicycle companies only cover parts and not labor for warranty service. ELV Motors offers free shipping on parts and discounts on warranty service for bicycles purchased here. If your bike was purchased elsewhere, we will work with the manufacturer to get the parts replaced, however, if the manufacturer does not cover warranty shipping or service, the customer will be responsible to cover those expenses.

Call: 888 612-9883 or email to set up an appointment for service.

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Santa Clara, CA 95050
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Customer Reviews


Paul V 5/29/2015                      

Bought my electric bike here. Doug provided me good advices and helped me to choose my bike with no push. Now I am enjoying commute. He got a good choice of brand new bikes for all type of people and also used ebikes at great prices. He also allows you to test bikes right away which is great.   Very good business!


Adam K 5/29/2015                      

I have been riding electric bikes for years and the biggest challenge to me has been finding a knowledgeable mechanic. Even though I can't afford to buy a bike from these guys, Nate the technician takes care of me. Thanks to Nate I can ride with confidence.


Raju S  4/17/2014    

I bought  Easy Motion - Volt. Doug is not a pusher. He explains all the options he has and matches your need and biking options, lets you test drive it and comeback for more. He knows the nitty gritty details and does not hold it back!! Great experience.  Being an engineer myself, I am a tough customer. I was getting ready to work on buying a ebike, no time limits. Guess what!! bought this in less then 2 hours of starting my shopping. Price compared!!

After bring home, the batteries were not charging!? thought the batteries were defective and called Doug, he was willing to put in a replacement right away, that cooled me down. Then we figured, that I needed to press a small button on the charger for it to start charging!! Feels stupid now! Hey life is busy and Manual helps.

He was ready to provide a loaner, floor model for free rental for a day for choosing my second bike!  That is some customer service.

His accessories collection is limited! Well I think he knows Amazon and likes are too big a competitor. The shop itself is not big  I am a happy camper for now, its only about a month now. Driving my ebike ~16 miles a day to work. Enjoying the exercise that I get as well! I am charging only once for all of my workdays/wk commute. Great place for electric bikes. You cant go wrong.They also sell used ebikes! They are marked off by 50% or more, they looked new to me.


Levantino D 8/14/2014  

It's coming to the 1st anniversary of my e-bike. I had great service and customer care. In the 1st 1200 miles i put on my BH e-motion Neo Cross i have as commuter only the pedals gave me headache. They swapped them under warranty with absolutely no hassle. Highly recommended place if  you are looking to switch to a pedals assisted e-bike.


Matthew C  4/27/2014    

These guys are incredible. They've got every electric bicycle you can imagine which makes test driving fun and easy to compare. We spent an hour down there, today, and drove away with a new pedal-assist bike we'll use at Burning Man and in San Francisco for commuting. Everything about our transaction - the research, the test riding, the price - was great. We highly recommend ELV Motors to everyone in the Bay Area.


Eric B  11/10/2013

Purchased an electric tricycle for commuting to work and to do local shopping in Santa Clara in July 2013. The tricycle is human powered with
a top speed in either pedal mode or when using the electric assist of 10 mph. Consequently it can legally used on the bike trails.  This eliminates traffic lights where I need to go so the commute(s) are about the same as using the car.  The basket on the rear can hold up to 50lbs (2 25 lb bags of pet food for example).

The charging time is reasonable.  Even if you run out of power you can still pedal. The bike has only one gear. I normally top off the battery the evening after using the bike for the day. I did purchase an extra charger I keep with the bike in case in need to top off when out and about. So far I have  not needed to use it.  My wife can not ride a two wheel so we now have a bike she can use.


Louis V  7/1/2013

I bought a new 2013 Stromer ST1 Platinum Electric Bike from them and it absolutely rocks.  Quality of service and product knowledge of electric bikes are top notch.  They took the time to make sure that my new bike was set up correctly, and properly, with flawless installation on optional accessories and components.  The shifting and set-up of the drivetrain is also perfect without skipping a beat.  I definitely will come back again to purchase another bike in the near future.  I love my new e-bike!

Stacey C 10/1/2012

The employees at ELV Motors really care about their customers and provide excellent customer service. I bought a Velo Mini electric bike from them in 2011. The bike is my only transportation. When it broke down, Marie from Elv Motors met me at the train station so I did not have to walk 3 mi to the store. After it was fixed, she drove it to the train station to meet me.  

These simple acts of kindness saved me hours of time and frustration, and created goodwill for the business. I continued to be a customer, and recently bought a brand new bike from them only two years later. Marie's helpfulness encouraged me to continue riding an electric bike as my only transportation and go to them when I need service.