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Sea Otter Electric Bike Report

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Selecting Electric Bicycles as Christmas Gifts

Santa Clara, California -- -- From iPads to flat screens, electronics are gifts people often buy for themselves around Christmas. Electric bicycles are also becoming popular gifts that consumer buy for themselves and others.

When it comes to affordable, fun and healthy transportation, it is hard to beat electric bicycles.

Here are five tips consumers need to know when shopping for an electric bicycle

  1. Height: Shorter riders should consider folding bikes or bikes with 24" wheels. Taller riders will want 26" wheels or larger, with a full size frame.
  2. Use: Recreation, errands, riding on campus, exercise, commuting, as well as terrain (steep hills or flat), need to be considered. This helps determine speed and distance requirements.
  3. Type: Riders who want to pedal should select lighter electric bikes with a 250-350 watt motor and pedal-assist. Riders looking for a moped experience or who have hills to climb, should select a more powerful bike with a 500 to 750 watt motor and a throttle.
  4. Style: Electric bicycles come in many styles; step-thru, classic, folding, commuter, cruiser, and mountain to name a few.
  5. Price: For students and consumers on a budget, there are electric bikes for under $800. Quality, light-weight, bikes sell for $900 to $2,000. More powerful and higher quality electric bikes run between $2,000 and $4,000.

Bringing Electronics to Electric Bicycles and Scooters

The next big change in two wheel electric vehicles will come this summer from Saturna Green Systems Inc., a Canadian telematics and display company. Saturna is developing a totally new onboard navigation system for electric bicycles, scooters and motorcycles.

The Saturna System consists of three components:

  1. Ruggedized device built into the electric vehicle that communicates between the motor and battery, and the rider or fleet operator.
  2. Display (either a rider's smart phone via Bluetooth, or a dedicated display).
  3. Cloud services for riders and fleets.

With the Saturna System onboard, riders will benefit from many of all of the GPS, turn-by-turn directions, and social media services available on smart phones today. Riders will have very accurate range prediction and routing, theft prevention and tracking, cloud services, maintenance and trouble shooting capabilities, only available on select cars today.

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For information: Douglas Schwartz, Electric Bicycle, Scooter and Motorcycle Consultant at; 800 257-1759, or


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Ten Reasons to Ride to Work or School on an Electric Bicycle

Santa Clara, CA - When it comes to exercise it is hard to beat cycling. Bicycles offer low impact, high aerobic, high calorie burning exercise.

"When it comes to transportation and exercise, it is hard to beat electric bicycles. In Europe and Asia where gas is expensive and roads are congested, it is no wonder that electric bicycle sales are skyrocketing. Over 27 million electric bikes were sold in China alone in 2010," stated Douglas Schwartz, Founder of ELV Motors, Inc.

Here are ten reasons why to buy an electric bicycle:

  1. Transportation: Electric bicycles are not designed to replace exercise bicycles; they are designed to get people out of cars when they commute to work or school and to run errands near the home.
  2. Exercise: Contrary to many misconceptions, electric bicycles also make excellent exercise bikes. Electric bicycles weigh more than most bicycles giving the rider a great work out when the motor is turned off and the rider uses the pedals. When using the motor and pedals the rider chooses when, where and how hard to exercise regardless of the terrain.
  3. Cost of Ownership: Compared to bicycles, electric bicycles cost around the same price as high quality bicycles purchased at a good bicycle store. Compared to cars, electric bicycles do not require a license, registration, or insurance. Electric bicycles cost around 4 cents for every 20 miles to operate which equates to 2000 miles per gallon (assuming $4.00 a gallon and an average of 20 miles per gallon). They travel around congested roads with ease and park for free. Like cars, the battery needs to be replaced every few years, but other than that maintenance costs are equal to bicycles not cars.
  4. Multi-mode Transportation: Folding electric bicycles are perfect for commuters getting to and from the bus and train as well as for RV, plane, and boat owners. Most full sized electric bicycles can also be used in conjunction with mass transit.
  5. Terrain: Electric bicycles conquer hills and headwinds with ease, allowing the rider to arrive refreshed, not sweaty. Electric bicycles free the rider to go to work or school wearing street clothing and instead of exercise clothes. If a rider wants exercise after school or work, they can turn the motor off and pedal home.
  6. Earth Friendly: Following walking and bicycling, electric bicycles are next in line for earth friendly practical transportation. Electric bikes put out zero emissions and leave almost no carbon footprint.
  7. Practical: With baskets, panniers, trailers and child seats, electric bicycles can carry everything from books to babies, laptops to laundry, and pets to groceries.
  8. Selection: Electric bicycles range from $400 to $4,000 dollars. They come in all sizes, colors, and styles. Some add just a little power and others can be used like electric mopeds. Some fold up and can be carried; others are built as solid as all terrain vehicles.
  9. Wide Appeal: Not all people can wear Lycra™ clothing and race up and down hills for hours on end. In addition to being practical transportation for students and commuters, two-wheeled and three-wheeled electric bicycles are excellent for people with health or disability issues as well as for people getting along in age and cannot ride up hills or for extended distances.
  10. Fun: Best of all electric bicycles are fun to ride. Whether used for riding to work, around campus, at the beach, or through parks, electric bikes are great for enjoying the surroundings while spending time with friends or family.


About ELV Motors, Inc.

ELV Motors, Inc. was founded in 2008 with the mission of supplying "Fleet Certified" electric bicycles to consumers, companies, campuses and cities. For more information call 800 257-1759 or visit

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Earth Day turns 40 and the Electric Bicycle turn 115

Santa Clara, CA - More than one billion people in 190 countries will be taking action for Earth Day 2010. ELV Motors, Inc is doing its part by offering practical and affordable zero emission vehicles in the form of electric bicycles.

Electric Bicycles are quickly becoming of the bike of choice for pavement or transportation bicycles. There are 120 million electric bicycles currently on streets in China. In Europe an estimated 1 million electric bicycles will be sold this year and in the US sales will double from 150,000 in 2009 to 300,000 in 2010, according the Electric Bike World Report.

"Electric bicycles are one of the few products that appeal from 16 to 86 year olds, to both women and men, with an economic range from unemployed without a license to billionaires with private planes and yachts" stated Douglas Schwartz, founder of ELV Motors, Inc. headquartered in Silicon Valley.

Like cars, electric bikes come in all shapes, sizes, power, and price range. Selection is the key to buying the perfect electric bike for your size, age, budget and application.

"If someone has a budget under $1,000, Currie Technologies is my choice. If small size and light weight is important for commuting, carrying upstairs, or using with an RV, boat or plane I suggest a folding electric bike from VeloMini. If cruising in comfort is important than a beach cruiser with balloon tires from Pedego is the way to go. For riding in style to work, school or on the trails, Ultra Motor is my recommendation. Hebb Bikes makes an excellent daily commuter and Electric Motion System is my recommendation for steep hills, the need for speed or for large or heavy riders." Schwartz explained.

Help expand Earth Day from once a year to once a week. Start out by leaving your car at home once a week and use an electric bike to commute to school or work or a folding electric bike to get you to and from mass transit. Who knows you may like it so much you make every day Earth Day and trade your car in for something practical like a solar charging system for your home.


About ELV Motors, Inc.

ELV Motors, Inc. was founded in 2008 with the mission of supplying "Fleet Certified" electric bicycles to consumers, companies, campuses and cities. For more information call 800 257-1759 or visit


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Electric Bicycles go Mainstream

Santa Clara, CA - Major product brands as well as celebrities are beginning to appreciate that electric bicycles are fun, practical and environmentally sustainable transportation. Examples of major brand names include the new Tommy Bahama® and Ferrari®.

The new electric bicycle classic cruiser from Tommy Bahama moves the rider along in style at speeds up to 20 miles an hour for distances up to 40 miles, depending on the size of the rider and terrain. It includes six speeds for optional pedaling, custom-padded handgrips and an adjustable contoured seat. Tommy Bahama electric bicycles are available from select retailers nationwide in both Classic and step-thru models. Prices range from $2575-$2675.

If you prefer fast Italian designed bikes consider the Ferrari® E+ 1000 watt electric bike. Now, you too can own a new form of performance on two wheels. Prices range from $4,129-$6,909.

Celebrities that have embraced electric bikes include the Jonas Brothers, Leonardo Dicaprio and Jay Leno to name a few.

The first and most affordable is the recently introduced VeloMini® folding electric bicycle introduced this summer. The VeloMini is lightweight, folds down to 18 inches tall, and it will travel at speeds up to 12 miles an hour without pedaling.

The Jonas Brothers are using VeloMini folding electric bicycles to quickly and conveniently transport to and get around venues where they are performing. The VeloMini will transport a person 12 mph for up to 10 miles without pedaling, yet it folds so small it can be taken practically anywhere. The VeloMini is the perfect first mile, last mile solution for "multi-mode" transportation. Price: $995.

The Ultra Motor® A2B is perfectly at home on the trails of California as well as the streets of Manhattan. The A2B has front and rear suspension, a powerful 500 watt motor and the ability to cruise 20 miles an hour with a range up to 40 miles when the optional second battery is added. Price: $2695.

"Although electric bicycles are just now going main stream in the US, they are extremely popular in Europe and Asia. Over 27 million electric bikes were sold in China alone in 2010," stated Douglas Schwartz, Founder of ELV Motors, Inc in Silicon Valley.

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Event: ABC News - Richard Hart of ABC News in San Francisco is enthralled and intrigued by the 'hybrid bikes' being offered by ELV Motors. Here is a snipped of the interview with ELV Motors CEO, Doug Schwartz and bicycle enthusiast Colin Daniels.


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For Immediate Release: Electric Bikes and Scooters to be Showcased at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Las Vegas, NV - This year CES® is highlighting Greener Gadgets in a special Tech Zone section in Central Hall January 6-8, 2011. The Greener Gadgets TechZone features the pioneering technologies that benefit the environment and sustainability of global economy.

ELV Motors offers "Fleet Certified" electric bicycles and electric and hybrid scooters for companies, consumers and cities.

Electric bikes and scooters are the perfect solution for companies, fleets, security patrol, police, commuters, students, vacationers, baby boomers, and anyone with wanting to save money and the environment.

Electric bicycles and scooters are perfect for:

  • Indoor and outdoor security, police and EMT patrol
  • Commuting less than 30 miles
  • Running errands and traveling on school and business campuses
  • Employees and guests at resorts
  • Reducing operating costs and adding alternative energy vehicles to fleets
  • Improving employee efficiency

"New hi-tech and stylish electric bicycles like the A2B, the fashionable Tommy Bahama Electric Bicycle and the all new VeloMini electric folding bicycle are great ways to save money while helping to save our environment," said Douglas Schwartz, President & CEO of ELV Motors, Inc.

ELV Motors will be demonstrating the:

  • A2B electric bicycle from Ultra Motor
  • New A2B police, patrol and fleet electric bicycle
  • New VeloMini Electric Folding Bicycle
  • New Tommy Bahama Cruiser
  • New GlidE 1000 watt Comfort bicycle

For more information visit ELV Motors at or call 408 850-8191, or email

Photos Source: Douglas Schwartz, ELV Motors


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Santa Clara, CA - Environmentally conscious people are thinking green this Christmas. Instead of expensive cars or gas scooters and motorcycles that pollute more than cars, many high school and college students are asking their parents for planet friendly electric bicycles and scooters.

Electric bicycles and scooters are perfect for people who:

  • Care about the environment
  • Commute less than 20 miles
  • Run errands close to home
  • Live on or near campus
  • Hate spending time looking for parking spots
  • Carry a bike on public transportation
  • Don’t want to waste money on car expenses and gas

According to AAA the cost of driving a car 15,000 miles a year (depreciation, insurance, maintenance, registration, and fuel) is 52 cents a mile. Compare that to 3 cents a mile for an electric bicycle and 10 cents a mile for an electric scooter.

New hi-tech and stylish electric bicycles like the A2B and fun to ride electric scooters like the E-1600 are great alternatives for students who need transportation but not the expense of a car," said Douglas Schwartz, President & CEO of ELV Motors, Inc.

In California electric bicycles fewer than 1000 watts do not require a license, insurance, or registration.

They can travel 20 miles on a 3 cent charge at speeds up to 20 mph. They can be driven anywhere a bike can go as well as taken on most forms of public transportation. And if you want a good work out, simply turn the motor off and start pedaling. (Check laws in your state)

Electric scooters under 2hp in California require a M2 motor scooter license, insurance and a one time registration fee. They can travel up to 40 miles on a 10 cent charge with a top speed of 30mph. With storage both under the seat and in the back, and with the ability to carry a passenger, they can replace a car for many errands. (Check laws in your state)

With prices under $4,000, even Santa would want one.

Contact ELV Motors at or call 408-850-8191.

Note to Editor: For photographs, or to arrange an interview or test ride, please contact:

Douglas Schwartz, at or call 408-850-8191.

Photographs: Photographs of our products


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ELV Motors interview at San Francisco Auto Show

San Francisco, CA - Hear the interview by Michael Finney of KGO at the SF Auto Show. Michael Finney interviews Scott Lane and Collin Daniels of ELV Motors.

Radio Interview

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