Green: Why Does It Matter?

green powered electric scooters and electric bikes from ELV Motors

There are so many reasons why green matters. The main reason has to do with the carbon footprint all of us individually are leaving. What can we do ourselves to help lower our carbon footprint? How can our everyday behavior encourage and motivate others to take action and do something to help lessen the carbon footprint they leave? As we all know, one of the big things an individual can do to help is drive carbon-producing automobiles less. However, we still need to get around. And getting around has never been more fun and practical than riding your electric scooter or electric bicycle. Maybe you can think of plenty of times you can take an electric scooter or electric bike instead of the car. Running errands, commuting to work, getting to school and getting from building to building on campus, going building to building within your work 'campus' or exercising and having fun.

Green Matters Because:

Help Save the Planet – reduce greenhouse gases by riding zero emission bikes and scooters.

Be an Example for Others – by riding your electric bike or scooter

Truly See Your Environment - from a different perspective and from a different pace

Re-energize – with a spirited ride or a relaxing cruise to the office.

Shouldn’t I be concerned about saving money right now with this economy?

Yes! And you will save money – 5-20 cents per day to go 20-40 miles (try that in your car!)