Electric Bicycles for Any Lifestyle

When you combine the benefits to the environment along with the money savings from not paying for: gas, maintenance, parking, high insurance and registration rates, it is easy to see why parents and grandparents are buying students electric bikes to get to school and around campus.

The fact that our electric bikes save you money and are good for the environment may not be the only reason you buy, they also are stylish are a blast to ride.

Virtually anyone can benefit from owning a eBike such as:
No license, registration, or insurance. Great for the environment and easy to park. Ride on campus the same as any bike. Financing available.
Commuters: Bike to work without breaking a sweat and pedal home for a great workout. Charge for 4-8 cents a day.
Baby Boomers: Run errands, go to the club, and get the exact amount of exercise you want all while saving money.

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