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Special Offer: Free Delivery of assembled bicycles within
60 miles of Santa Clara California. Good until March 31, 2015

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Unlike other companies that only sell on the internet, ELV Motors has a store and full service shop located in the heart of Silicon Valley. We carry and service the largest selection of major brand electric bicycles in Northern California. Our shipping department can ship most major brands any place in the US.

ELV Motors offer Quality Electric Bikes  that are pollution-free, sustainable, affordable, and fun to ride. We can equip you, your company, campus, city or rental fleet with quality alternative energy vehicles.


No license, registration, or insurance. Electric bikes and scooters are great for the environment and easy to park. Ride on campus the same as any bike. Financing available.

Baby Boomers

Run errands, go to the club, and get the exact amount of exercise you want all while saving money.

When you combine the benefits to the environment along with the money savings from not paying for: gas, maintenance, parking, high insurance and registration rates, it is easy to see why electric bikes from ELV Motors, Inc. is the smart choice.


Bike to work without breaking a sweat and pedal home for a great workout. Charge for 4-8 cents a day.


Meet state and local mandates to add alternative energy vehicle "green technology" to your fleets. Reduce Total Cost Of Ownership.


ELV Motors has established employee discount programs with: Apple, Intel, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, NVIDA, Ebay, Adobe Systems,Chevron Corp, Cisco Systems, HP, Industrial Light and Magic, IBM, Intuit. Lam, Symantec, Maxim, Oracle, PG&E, SAP, Pixar, Yahoo, Microsoft, Sales Force, and Zinga. If your company is not on this list, please have your HR or sustainability person contact us to ensure you receive an employee discount available on most bikes and accessories

As a Certified Fleet Dealer, ELV Motors, Inc. has direct relationships with most quality electric bicycle and scooter manufacturers in the US. Here are just a few of the brands we carry: Currie, BH Emotion, A2B, Emazing, Biruni, Grace, Haibike, Bosch, Fast4ward,  Izip, Pedego, Eflow,  Prodeco, Stealth, Ultra Motor, Evelo, Bionx, and VeloMini. If you are interested in getting the discounted price for any of our products simply send an email to: or call 888-612-9883. If you see an electric bicycle on another site that we do not carry, send a link to the bicycle along with the best price, including shipping and your zip code and our fleet manager will contact you if we can get a better price.

Please call 888-612-9883 or email for fleet and employee discount prices.

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